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Post by Powerrave on 7/8/2015, 22:23

OK Guys! Here are a few FAQs that we happen to see a lot on this group.

A - Q: What deck should I buy?
A: Here are some decks and our 2 cents on them.
1 - Red Eyes:
2 - Bujin:
3 - Six Samuria:
4 - Dragunity:
5 - Naturia:
6 - Wind-UP:
7 - Fire Fist:
8 - E - Heros:

B - Q: How do I Duel?
A: There are 4 ways to duel.
1 - Campaign, against an NPC
2 - Duel league, against real players.
3 - Multiplayer by inviting, here if you want to duel your friend, you can click on your avatar, go to friends list, and add a friend by his IGN, when he accepts you can invite him to a duel.
4 - Multiplayer by creating rooms, here you can just go to Multiplayer from the main menu, create a room by setting some rulings, then your friend must join the room by searching for the game with the rulings you set. Sometimes you aren't able to see the person who create a room in the lobby.... If that happens just go back to the main menu then go back to the lobby an he shall show up.

C - Q: How do I build Decks?
A: Deck building is the most important part of dueling, here are a few tips to help you with that.
1 - Always keep your Deck at 40 cards, no more, no questions asked, having a 40 card deck is much more consistent, you will draw the cards you need more often. There is also such a thing as a 37 card deck when you play 3 "Upstart goblins".
2 - When building a deck make sure to have a good balance of Monsters, Spells, and traps. A good way to start is 20 - 25 monsters, 7-10 traps, and the rest spells.
3 - How many copies of a card is too much? A good rule to follow is the 3,2,1 rule.
3. Necessity 2. Consistency 1. Tech
4 - As for your Extra Deck, some decks require it as a must to run more than one copy of a card, but with others, it's usually best to run 1 copy so you would have more space for other staple cards like "Gagaga Cowboy" "and maybe "Abyss Dweller" and "Steelswarm Roach"
5 - For your side deck, the Side Deck is used in Best of 3 duels, it is crucial for winning tournaments, sometimes all you need is that one side card to completely murder your opponent...... Good side deck staples include....... Shadow imprisoning mirror, Light imprisoning mirror, Debunk, soul drain, extra MST and mirror force, MAXX C, Vanitys emptiness, Night beam, effect vieler, and dimensional fissure.
Finally, the only way to perfect your deck is to duel with it more and more. The more you duel the more experience you get and the more you learn what works best, what to take out and what to take in. Decks are always changing, however, Your goal with any deck is to get to the point where you are only changing 1 card or 2 every now and then.

D - Q: How do I rank up?
A: By dueling in the Duel league and making Battle Points.
Bronze I: 0 - 499
Bronze II: 500 - 999
Silver I: 1000 - 2499
Silver II: 2500 - 4999
Gold I: 5000 - 9999
Gold II: 10000 - 14999
Diamond I: 15000 - 19999
Diamond II: 20000 - 29999
Master: 30000 - 34999
Grand Master: 35000+

E - If you have any serious problem with your YGODG account, then you can't contact the Game Operators either through their Facebook page or KONAMI customer support.
Facebook page:
Konami Customer Support:

Note: They will probably not answer on weekends.

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