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Post by Powerrave on 7/8/2015, 21:48

Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation World!
Join us, and have fun as part of a community dedicated to The Duel Generation game for android/apple.
This forum was made for the purpose of spreading around love for the game.

List of admins:
James He


1. You can swear, make jokes, and tease. You're free to do any of these things as long as you don't hurt anyone's feelings. If you didn't know something would offend someone, it's okay. Just apologize. Serious insults, however are NOT allowed. Harassment is also not allowed.

2. Please respect other people's privacy. This could've definitely went under the harassment category, but I believe that it's important enough for its own category. DO NOT give out people's information, and don't post things about them unless they have given you permission.

3. If someone breaks a rule, you MUST prove it by providing one of the admins screenshots of the conversation.

4. Hackers are NOT welcome here, so if you are a hacker, promote hacking, or offer to teach it to anyone here, please refrain from joining the forum. If you get caught it will ultimately end in your banning.

5. If you are going to help someone out whether it be by answering a simple question, or something else, please be sure that any Information that you are providing is correct.

7. We do not allow random advertising or spam. If you want to post links to something, make sure it's related to the topic.

8. Nobody is allowed to host any tournaments or anything alike without getting confirmation from an admin, as it would mess up the way this forum is organized.

Harassment will automatically get you banned, but smaller violations will get you a strike. Each member is allowed 5 strikes before they are banned for good. If you were banned and you want a second chance, or want to know why you got banned, just message an admin. We'll sort something out.

If you need an admin for anything, such as clearing up a rule or reporting someone, feel free to message one of the admins. We all live in different timezones, so there will always be admins least 1 admin online. If we do not answer you right away, please understand that we are busy and that will WILL try to help you out as soon as we can. Feel free to add the admins to keep in touch.

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